Kleplova Vera Punctate exercise method by Dr. Kleplová


Specialized exercise is a project of "Succesful Child" (public beneficial company) and takes place in Sports Center "Green Health" from the autumn 2005. The purpose of this project is rehabilitation of children with Slight Brain Dysfunction (SBD) by means of exercise method by Dr. Kleplová. The exercises take place under observation of the author of the exercise complex Dr. Vera Kleplová who invented it in 1978 in Kamenický Senov and has been developing it during her practice as a pediatrician.

Working with this method we adhere to the motto "Every child can succeed!"

In practice this exercise complex takes place always once a week in the Center “Green Health”. Children with their parents do exercises in groups of 5-12 people. Dr. Kleplová divides them into groups after personal consultation. Children are divided according to their age and abilities. Exercising start parents with children from infancy.

The first half of hour is devoted to exercising of the whole group under guidance and observation of Dr. Kleplová. The second half of the class is devoted to individual consultations. Every client has his own complex that cannot be applied on others. The exercise complex changes gradually during time according to how the client’s motion abilities change. This means that exercises should be practiced over a long period of time.

School year is split into two exercise cycles, 15 hours each. In case of need parents can have an individual consultation with Dr. Kleplová who advises in the "Green Health" Center approximately once a month. At present time about 60 children with their parents participate in this program.

What is the target group of the Specialized exercise?

First of all, the exercise is projected for children with SBD diagnosis. SBD is Slight Brain Dysfunction, hyperactivity, hypoactivity, dyslexia, dysgraphics, speech dysfunctions or suspicion of it. By practicing punctate exercise method we can help child of any age to correct or get rid of school problems or potential future problems in school. This method will contribute to faster physical and mental development of healthy children and their better application of their abilities, improvement of their coordination abilities for life, sport, and school.

If a child with Slight Brain Dysfunction will start Specialized Exercise from infancy it has a very real chance to prevent all problems that are supposed to be connected with this dysfunction and doing so can successfully attend school classes. The absolute necessity for child’s success is interest and love of its family. It is not possible to achieve expected results and improvement without regular home exercising.

On method

Punctate exercise method by Dr. Kleplová works with complicated reflex-coordination complexes in a way that the whole of motor-coordination complex will develop reflexively from one correctly chosen point (for example, from the point on arm the motion will go on to head, body and lower extremities). By activating this point we will attain motion of all muscular groups reflexively connected with it. Doing so it is possible to get moving even an extremity considered motionless. The older the child is or the sicker the person is, the better this motion is visible from the outside. Training of muscular groups of elder children or adults helps to strengthen weak muscles and weaken laden muscles.

Punctate exercise method by Dr. Kleplová is highly effective outstanding method which is not paid by insurance companies. Its success is proven by long-term experience of its author. Punctate method is not the method by Dr. Vojta. It has absolutely different approach to the patient. It is not any of other techniques called “reflexive exercise” or acupressure technique either, as the points used in the method by Dr Kleplová are of entirely different nature than acupuncture points.

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